Bruno Lapeyre


Tribute to the characters, or personalities, who cross and often characterize our time. Tribute to humanity.

For Bruno Lapeyre, the “picturesque” — initially “what deserves to be painted” — is everywhere and has unfairly seen its meaning overused, contemptuously associated with “banality”, “kitsch”, “stereotype” and, much worse still, “obviously”, to what should therefore not deserve representation, even less from an artist.

Fortunately, photography is there, even better than painting due to its technical nature, to restore the “picturesque” original value. Identifying the “obviousness”, the “banality” or what would look like a “cliché” — which the Anglo-Saxons do not hesitate to qualify with respect as “Candid photography” — is to recall the constants making our lifes, which we all share, which deserves to be watched and which we do not see or no longer see, or above all prefer not to watch. Feeding, laughing, shouting, showing off, strinking a pose  without knowing it; being a fashion addict; laughing or quarrel ing with friends; being jealous, criticizing with a single look; playing tough or soft with children; not having been able to get away from his mobster or killer look of a bygone era; getting old, being obviously at the end of life, sleeping, waking up like a baby; reacting to the gaze of others, including that of the photographer… Everything is there, in our streets, within sight.

NB. All photographs in the galleries are presented in random order.

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