Bruno Lapeyre


Our streets are populated by unexpected and often difficult to explain scenes that everyone will apprehend according to their culture and their means, or will prefer not to watch.

In some of our capitals, denial has often become the rule.

As evidenced by the photographs of Bruno Lapeyre, it is incalculable stories, sometimes beautiful, terrible, exciting or comical, spectacular or due to a detail, it is of all the richness of humanity, in its infinite variety, of which those who have learned to consider only their familiar surroundings deprive themselves; those who have ended up having, outside of this entourage, only exchanges – and often the most formal ones – with people whose services they can afford; those who have come to dare to look outside only between their four walls, through ersatz reality, fictional or allegedly authentic stories that they will choose to see flattened and contained in a screen or a sheet of paper.

NB. All photographs in the galleries are presented in random order.

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